This drawing is my rendition of denial and propaganda.  A purpose filled life to me, like being kind or helpful, may not be as fulfilling to another who finds fulfillment in power, pride, and prestige.  Those aren’t so high on my priority list.

Last night, talking with his daughter, I asked her if she had heard of the new term, “Phubbing”.  An extraordinary 12 year old in many accounts, she is not yet convinced, like a lot of her friends, that cell phones are essentials to her life’s satisfactions.  We were at a restaurant, filled by a noisy background of loud murmurs and music.  Her father, always on alert of how I present information to her, settled into a stance of when to interject, as we talked.

Phubbing is like snubbing, but with your phone.  “What’s snubbing?”, she inquired.  Well, I tried to explain my own understanding: snubbing is being inconsiderate.  Usually when someone is actively ignoring a circumstance, a person or situation.  It shows subtle contempt that may stem from an intentional or unknown rue. Phubbing is doing the same thing but using your phone, hence the “ph” for phone.  Heavy stuff for a pre-teen, but I think she got it. Not much phub opportunities in a place where everyone was talking. The food was ok, but the company was great!


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