Natural Bridge

Ever since my dad showed me his pictures from the Edmond Pettus bridge march in 1954, I’ve had a “thing” for bridges.  The mechanics, structure, planning, & fore-sight it takes to build one decides what gap it must fill, how heavy a load it will burden, and who will cross it. Human made structures are inherently fallible. I marched with him in 2014 on the anniversary. The bridge today proudly carries a heavy load, fortified in steel, sticks, & bricks, and allows travelers such as hope, peace, unity cross. Had the engineers ever a clue what movements their bridge would gap, I wonder if it would’ve been built? Perhaps Mother Nature’s structures are simply built to last until they are no longer needed. Our global woman’s march shows building bridges often comes naturally. This drawing (pencil, pen and ink on paper) comes from my most recent visit to Natural Bridge, NC. Originally used by US natives, taken, and sold by England to Wm. Jefferson, now handed to the state (easily googled). Its a powerful natural structure that remains as a connector from one side to another, even though humans have  attempted to claim ownership, for centuries. I guess Mother Nature has more travelers for it to serve until the gap is filled.


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