Action Heroes Are Go! The Researcher

What is your personal Action Hero Power?

This picture is the action hero character, “The Researcher”. Like my Avatar “The Giggler”, “The Researcher” is  from a collection of Action Heroes I put together for a coloring book. There are over 50 Action heroes (in B&W and color) doing various important jobs.Each character is a real human being having fun and actively helping to keep the world connected and happy.

For example, there is a Recycler and a Conductor, a Sculptor and a Bee Keeper. Some of the characters are a little out of the box norm, like “The Processor” who is an action hero who actively and heroically meditates. I’ve often gifted them to my friend’s kids, hand bound, for them to color and enjoy going through it together as a unique family fun learning tool. Of course I have a few nemesis, but I hasten to exploit certain negativity actions as funny to boost my ego or bank account, so I normally keep them out of the mix. With exception of the “The Isolator”, because he is very lonely and needs help- but I do not put him in the kid’s book.  View more on my Blogger page here:

See more Action Heroes here!

I’ve been asked to do more specific ones for people, so more heroes are to come. Hooray! But lately, I’ve had more interest from others for one or two specific characters on printed posters and t-shirts. I guess there is a greater need for the reminders that we all play an important role in this world. Maybe good to have something like a T-shirt to give a smile and a positive signal to others of your personal “Action hero power”.
The book is available, as well as individual action hero
prints in black and white or colored.
Many people have chosen a few specific characters
in color to print on T-shirts. Another fun project is to order a
character in black and white printed onto a T-shirt
for you and yours to color on them.


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