Your inner Action Hero- The Researcher

Hey all,  it is time to challenge your inner Action Hero, The Researcher
I was invited in a fun project by a Facebook friend, and decided to share the fun here on WordPress. The idea is to occupy any social media page you have with art, taking a break from the political posts with beautiful images. Exposure to art can be healing and a nice distraction even if it is just for a moment. Soooo…..

The way it works: The first 10 people or so who “like” this post will be offered a name of an artist to discover, and if you want, post a piece by that artist on social media, along with the basic message of your choosing to “pass it on”.
I was given the artist William Buchanan. I had seen a couple of his pieces, but did not know him by name. He has a lot of work in galleries around the US and Georgia, (my home town) and featured art at  The Atlanta Life building that holds a widely acclaimed African-American Art Collection assembled from their Atlanta Life National Annual Art Exhibitions and Competitions. He won 1st place in 1980. He has a 40+ year collection of art work that spans from Realism to Abstract in mostly paint on canvas, but all of his work, to me, are beautiful depictions of nature vs. human inspired. I picked this painting “Time and Place” 1969 because it flows like a dance and grabs both my inner blue and Matisse.
See his art here: William Buchanan Art and here more William Buchanan Art
Ok, so now,  who wants to play?

You will need to comment below so I can reply to you an artist’s name for you to discover and share…



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