Action Heroes Are Go: The Processor

Recently, I met the action hero The Processor.  My experience was, to say the least, provoking. The Processor’s action hero power goes like this:

  1. From one hand he takes confusing, false, delusional, and otherwise wonky related information and
  2. with his other hand he pulls from behind his ear (like a magic trick)
  3. a light-beam ball, (which looks kind of like a cross between a disco food chopper and a micro-crystal ball)
  4. THEN
  5. Somehow the ball-thingy absorbs the information and gets all cloudy
  6. Next he closes his eyes and slyly grins as he hides the ball thingamajig behind his back

I dunno what happened but after a few minutes or a few days of quite and calm happy contemplation from behind his back appeared the ball, all clear with feeling pictures of truth and goodness of what “is”.

What The Processor does is let anyone really know and love the realness of life.

Including all it’s glorious beautiful messy bits.


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