Natural Bridge

Ever since my dad showed me his pictures from the Edmond Pettus bridge march in 1954, I’ve had a “thing” for bridges.  The mechanics, structure, planning, & fore-sight it takes to build one decides what gap it must fill, how heavy a load it will burden, and who will cross it. Human made structures are… Continue reading Natural Bridge

This Green City

“The Green City” I am really digging into using greens, yellows and dark slate together. I feel colors have a meaning to us. I know it does for me. Of course, the caveat is that I am one of those synesthesiacs who feel and taste and smell colors, words, numbers, etc. No need to panic,… Continue reading This Green City

Icy Play Day

These two said they had to get out and take advantage of the icy morning, unsure if another this year in Georgia will be available for play. So simple for his daughter to turn a container tub into a Daddy-drawn sled.  Fully compliant and proud, Daddy pulled, tugged, slipped, and laughed.  Daughter “woahed”, squealed, and… Continue reading Icy Play Day