Action Heroes Are Go: The Processor

Recently, I met the action hero The Processor.  My experience was, to say the least, provoking. The Processor’s action hero power goes like this: From one hand he takes confusing, false, delusional, and otherwise wonky related information and with his other hand he pulls from behind his ear (like a magic trick) a light-beam ball,… Continue reading Action Heroes Are Go: The Processor


Action Heroes Are Go! The Emancipator

Action heroes are go! The Emancipator #Shepersisted

Action Heroes Are Go! The Researcher

What is your personal Action Hero Power? This picture is the action hero character, “The Researcher”. Like my Avatar “The Giggler”, “The Researcher” is  from a collection of Action Heroes I put together for a coloring book. There are over 50 Action heroes (in B&W and color) doing various important jobs.Each character is a real human… Continue reading Action Heroes Are Go! The Researcher


Natural Bridge

Ever since my dad showed me his pictures from the Edmond Pettus bridge march in 1954, I’ve had a “thing” for bridges.  The mechanics, structure, planning, & fore-sight it takes to build one decides what gap it must fill, how heavy a load it will burden, and who will cross it. Human made structures are… Continue reading Natural Bridge