Action Heroes Are Go! The Sweetener

Say, “Hello” to The Sweetener. This Action Hero has the power to add sweetness to life. Not many people have spent time with A Sweetener hero as the job is a very very buzzzy one ūüėČ One danger that comes with this action¬†hero job, should you choose to accept it, is sometimes, when giving sweetness,… Continue reading Action Heroes Are Go! The Sweetener

Action Heroes Are Go! The Lover

Today we meet The Lover!
Her action hero power is to give unconditional pure and true love.

Queen Bee ie. Lucretia’s Empowerment

Last week I was fortunate to visit the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. I was overwhelmed and brought to tears viewing #Rembrandt’s painting “Lucretia”. The painting invokes the emotion of the story not just the violent drama of the story. “Queen Bee” (Corri Johanson) pen and ink on paper and “Lucretia” (Rembrandt) oil… Continue reading Queen Bee ie. Lucretia’s Empowerment

Action Heroes Are Go! The Researcher

What is your personal Action Hero Power? This picture is the action hero character, “The Researcher”. Like my Avatar “The Giggler”, “The Researcher”¬†is ¬†from a collection of Action Heroes I put together for a coloring book. There are over 50 Action heroes (in B&W and color) doing various important jobs.Each character is a real human… Continue reading Action Heroes Are Go! The Researcher

Natural Bridge

Ever since my dad showed me his pictures from the Edmond Pettus bridge march in 1954, I’ve had a “thing” for bridges. ¬†The mechanics, structure, planning, & fore-sight it takes to build one decides what gap it must fill, how heavy a load it will burden, and who will cross it. Human made structures are… Continue reading Natural Bridge


This drawing is my rendition of denial and propaganda. ¬†A purpose filled life to me, like being kind or helpful, may not be as fulfilling to another who finds fulfillment in power, pride, and prestige. ¬†Those aren’t so high on my priority list. Last night, talking with his daughter, I asked her if she had… Continue reading Phubbing